Q&A: How do I list my business on google so if someone searches children boutiques it come up?

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by w2scott

Question by Kasi: How do I list my business on google so if someone searches children boutiques it come up?
Hey you all,

I’m starting an online boutique for children and I was in the process of picking out a name, during the name picking process I was told that I should include something like “Childrens Boutique” in the name so that it comes up on google or yahoo if someone searches children boutiques. Doing that makes the name to long and the URL hard to remember. I was trying to figure out if there was away to have the name of my choice and still be listed or come up if someone searches something like children boutiques.


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Answer by Jake
Your site can get a ranking advantage when you us in your domain name a search keyword phrase that people actually type into the search engines. Relatively obscure search terms that are more likely to be available as a domain name are sometimes called “long tail” keyword consisting of 3 or more words. There are paid tools some use to research, the Google Keyword Tool is a good enough aid in discovering how many actual searches people make for a term, (the [exact search] option can be most accurate) it can be a long tedious process to get decent search engine ranking that brings in visitors, every little advantage helps.


After seeding it with a few phrases these are the top matches the tool returned (I don’t get the flower dresses)
flower girl dresses]110,000
[zara kids]60,500
[fashion 2011]60,500
[baby depot]49,500
[kids clothes]40,500
[kids shoes]40,500
[baby shoes]33,100
[designer clothes]33,100
[girls dresses]33,100
[baby shop]27,100
[christening gowns]27,100
[kids clothing]27,100

I assure you all of these words are already taken in multiple domain name variations (kidsClothes.com, kidsClothes.net, kidsClothes.org etc.) if you could get any of them it would give a worthwhile advantage, even if clumsy looking.

At least incorporate words that give an idea of what the site is about, perhaps kidsFashionStop, BlingForKids, ChildrensCloset, these at least indicate what it’s about both to prospects and possibly search engines.

The Bulk Search tab on Godaddy.com can help you try a bunch of ideas at a crack.

Ultimately the domain name is just one ranking factor, providing the maximum benefit only for the one specific niche search exactly matching it, sites like Amazon do fine without a keyword domain name, the Title, Header and Content text of a page can match user searches if you incorporate specific search keyword into the page. Keyword content and the number and quality of links from other site are probably the 2 biggest search ranking actors.

to see what you are against, try a search for: Childrens Boutique
and enter the top ranked site’s domain name into into a baclkink checker like: http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/
You would probably need a similar number of links from other sites as well as equal content to have any chance of matching their ranking.

A sustained stead SEO effort is needed to get any decent search ranking If you build it but don’t promote it they will not come.

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Can someone please give me some SEO tips ?

Jun 07 2013 Published by under SEO

Question by Carl: Can someone please give me some SEO tips ?
Im learning about SEO on my web development apprenticeship. Please could someone provide me with a list of SEO things to do to a website, just so that I can compare with the things I know. For example:

meta tags
alt text
clean urls
etc etc etc

Thanks alot

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Answer by Anurag
SEO in itself is an optimized word . Optimization means the best.Therefore how in a best way you are presenting your site using SEO. Meta tags are the important things .It shows from which keyword your site will be searched in an easier and approached way, alt is present to show that from which link you have interconnected.In other words you are redirecting to which website.Title is also a main part of your web page. The title in itself shows what exactly your site is presenting.

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Why is there no blue text when using SEO for Firefox?

Nov 27 2011 Published by under SEO

Question by Tom: Why is there no blue text when using SEO for Firefox?
Someone please help me. I have Firefox. I have just downloaded the SEO for firefox plug-in.
I have restarted firefox, enabled the plugin, clicked the icon so it appears colorful and not grayed out but there is no blue text with PR etc underneath my search results. How do I get the blue text to show? Help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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Answer by The Black Seo Guy
Well if you think you really need it then do some more investigating, but I don’t think its 100% necessary.

“Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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How-To on Building a Campfire

Oct 06 2011 Published by under SEO

How To SEO
by BrentDPayne

How-To on Building a Campfire

Article by artavia.seo

If you go out on a camping trip and you intend to stay overnight, you’ll need to know how to build a campfire. Don’t rely on someone else to do it, and don’t assume that you’ll be able to do it because you’ve seen something on a TV show about how it’s done.

First, you’ll need to clear the area in which you’re going to build the fire. You don’t want to catch debris on fire, because that could be dangerous. Make a fire ring of rocks. You need to have a fire extinguisher, a shovel, and some water nearby to put the fire out when you’re done.

You should then gather some wood and put it in piles nearby, but not so close that the heat from your campfire can start it burning. Don’t use wood that’s too fresh or green. It’ll smoke a lot, but it won’t burn. Start with some tinder wood and get it burning, then slowly add more. Once it’s going you can put larger pieces of wood on the fire. You don’t want it to go out, but you also don’t want to have to worry about it getting too large and out-of-hand.

You can avoid these kinds of problems by learning how to build a campfire properly and by paying attention to it once you get it started so that you keep control of it at all times.

When you’re ready to put it out, scatter out the ashes or embers, sprinkle it with water, and then stir it with a stick. You should do this a couple of times and then drench the charred logs. Repeat this process until everything is cold and you’re absolutely certain that the fire is really out. Only then will know it’s safe to leave the campsite.

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Written on behalf of Club Care Caravan Insurance

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How to pick the right candidate

Sep 09 2011 Published by under SEO

How To SEO
by Hugger Industries

How to pick the right candidate

Article by artavia.seo

Picking the right candidate in an election is certainly important, but so is picking the right candidate for a job. If you don’t get the right person, he or she won’t stay on, or won’t be effective and will have to be let go at a later date. How to pick that person, though, is something that not all employers go on. There are two basic schools of thought, with some differences in them. First, you can go off of the resume of a job candidate. It’s definitely worth considering, because you need someone with the skills to do the job, and this gets more important the more highly-skilled, complex, or technical the job actually is. Less-skilled jobs can be filled by a wider range of candidates, as a general rule. Going off of a resume is a great way to find someone to work for your business, but it doesn’t tell you everything that you need to know about that person. There are many people who look great on paper, but they might not be nice people. They might also not be who they say they are. Unless you thoroughly check their references – which you should do but many employers do not – you don’t know if they’re telling you the truth.

The second way of picking a candidate is by going off of gut instinct. That doesn’t mean that you totally disregard the resume or other factors, but only that you trust yourself to pick the candidate who ‘feels’ right to you and who seems as though he or she would be a good fit for the company. Not all candidates will give off this ‘vibe,’ and if you can find one who does and who also has a good resume, that’s generally the candidate that you want to hire. There are many factors that go into a hiring decision, however, and it’s not one that you want to take lightly. Hiring and training a new person costs money, so it’s not something you want to have to do a lot. Getting the right people the first time can help you save money.

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This article was written on behalf of MKH Marketing Advertising specialist and London Advertising agency.

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How can I achieve SEO sales leads more effectively?

Oct 28 2010 Published by under SEO

How To SEO
by courtneyBolton

Question by Nick: How can I achieve SEO sales leads more effectively?

I have been in advertising sale for 10 years but i have just joined a SEO agency who have never had a sales team (they are a new business). I was wondering whether someone could help me, as I am currently cold call to find new business but feel as though i am hitting a brick wall!!!! Who are the best industries to target? Other than cold calling and searching online for prospective clients – what can i do? I’m just looking for the right direction – is the SEO world really this competitive?

Best answer:

Answer by Donald Deitair
Find companies that are currently spending a considerable amount of money on PPC who would benefit from moving that revenue over to organic search.

A large percentage of the revenue at my friends company comes from speaking engagements at conferences. You could consider putting together a plan to speak at events where CEOs will be.

Sales DOES work in the internet marketing industry. You just have to target the CEO’s that don’t realize they have a problem.

Hope this helps.

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