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Canterbury, England

Mar 26 2011 Published by under Local

Canterbury is a beautiful medieval town with a great Cathedral. St. Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, founded a church there in 597. The cathedral became a major pilgimage site after Knights loyal to King Henry II murdered Thomas a Becket as he prepared to say evening prayers on December 29, 1170.
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The excellent speech, given on 21 January 2010 by Ben Alonso, Vice President of student activities at the University of Kent, about the much-loved 100-year old Westgate Hall in Canterbury. Don’t miss the sting in the tail by Councillor John Gilbey at the end of the video. City of Canterbury budget 2010−2011 on Wikipedia: Westgate Hall webpage: Westgate Hall on Wikipedia:

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ANGLETERRE ville cathédrale de Canterbury (England city Canterbury cathedral)(イングランド)

Mar 24 2011 Published by under Local

la ville de Canterbury siuée dans la province du Kent est connue par sa célébre cathédrale de style gothique et roman ou sont célébrer les grandes cerèmonies de la famille royale d’Angleterre ( english ) City of Canterbury siue in the province of Kent is known for its famous Gothic cathedral and Romanesque or are celebrating the grand ceremony of the royal family of Britain ( deutsch ) City of Canterbury siue in der Provinz Kent ist bekannt für seine berühmten gotischen Dom und romanische bekannt oder feiern den großen Zeremonie der königlichen Familie von England

his video was taken on Thursday 1st 10 2009 night following a protest about cuts in jobs and possibly services due to the conservative councils recklessness overseas investment in iceland banks. It is also one of the most secretive councils in england were infomation on what is going to be discussed is hard to ascertain. Some councilors can refuse to be recorded by audio so the public dont know the kind of people they elect and they wont allow video recordings even though it is in the publics interest. Conservative MP Julian Brazier was also apparently in attendance but i did not see him or hear him. CCC has also employed 10 more council executives in the last 4 years bringing the number of executives employed by the council to 35 who each are on over £50 000 each more than any council in England yet we dont know what they do. The citizens advice bureau also lost its funding be for the banks crashed and although its a charity poor people need it more now than ever. i would’nt put it passed this council to also cut some of our library’s. Kent county council are as bad and are also run by the conservatives and they are responsible for our roads. their is a big need for rented property but the council is more interested in giving land to private developers much of which is not sold and remains empty while people go homeless. times article on £3 million cuts by council plus the face of the man who tried to take camera from me the chief executive officer and Tory Councilor

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Canterbury City Council Community Services – Hales place community day

Mar 20 2011 Published by under Local

A day to bring the hales place community together organised by the council along with Kent Union and other organisations.
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Paranormal voice of archbishop of Canterbury

Mar 16 2011 Published by under Local

In the seance room of medium Leslie Flint manifested on 1st October 1960 the voice of Dr. Cosmo Lang, the late archbishop of Canterbury. The famous cathedral in the English city of Canterbury is seen. Voices manifesting in space do not come from the mouth of the medium. For more information see my webpage:

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Driving Around Canterbury

Feb 08 2011 Published by under Local

[Audio has been replaced due to a copyright claim] Driving around some of Canterbury. I finished uni at Christ Church in 2007 so decided to film some of the city before i left. Sorry about the poor quality, my software sucks.

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Canterbury City Graffiti 2

Jan 31 2011 Published by under Local

The a second look at the graffiti around canterbury.
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Step back over 500 years to join Geoffrey Chaucer and his colourful characters on their magical pilgrimage from London to the shrine of St Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. The Canterbury Tales is one of Kent’s most popular attractions, with a stunning reconstruction of 14th century England set inside the historic building of St. Margaret’s Church. Glimpse Geoffrey Chaucer’s story of pilgrims travelling to worship at the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury, told through a series of scenarios set in the 14th century. Along the way, their stories of love, romance, jealousy and trickery are vividly re-created with all the fun and excitement of Chaucer’s famous tales. Steeped in the rich history of this medieval city, at The Canterbury Tales you really can visit another world. The Canterbury Tales is a stunningly accurate recreation of medieval life. With new audio guides, it provides an excellent introduction to the City and its famous literary connection. Follow us on Twitter at
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Herne Bay Museum, Kent, and Democracy at work

Jan 18 2011 Published by under Local

(Update: please note that THREE museums are threatened with closure, not six) An informed and serious speech, given on 21 January 2010 by Andrew Cook, about the much-loved 80-year-old Herne Bay Museum in Kent. Don’t miss the sting in the tail at the end of the video. City of Canterbury budget 2010−2011 on Wikipedia: Official Herne Bay Museum webpages: Herne Bay Museum on Wikipedia:
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Canterbury Cathedral Kent UK

Jan 09 2011 Published by under Local

Canterbury Canterbury Cathedral

The Setting for A CANTERBURY CRIME the new Belinda Lawrence mystery novel from BeWrite Books. The ancient Cathedral that witnessed the murder of St Thomas Beckett dominates the city. Video by author Brian Kavanagh.

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Roman Museum, Canterbury, and Democracy at work

Jan 06 2011 Published by under Local

This one starts quietly but works up to an Impassioned and moving speech, given on 21 January 2010 by Paul Bennett, respected archaeologist and director of Canterbury Archaeological Trust, about the Roman Museum which preserves a Roman pavement and Scheduled Ancient Monument in Canterbury, Kent. Did you know that the remains of the Roman house surrounding the pavement is a Grade I building? Don’t miss the sting in the tail at the end of the vid, spoken by Councillor John Gilbey. City of Canterbury budget 2010−2011 on Wikipedia: Official Roman Museum webpages: Roman Museum on Wikipedia: West Gate Towers Museum on Wikipedia: This video replaces the previous one, with accurate information and better photos. NB: The exhibit shown at the end of the vid is a tiny household deity, known as a “hooded dwarf”.
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Dec 15 2010 Published by under Local

The historic main street in the ancient city of Canterbury. Video by author Brian Kavanagh: CAPABLE OF MURDER, THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE, BLOODY HAM.

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