Cheap Search Engine optimization

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Cheap Search Engine optimization

Article by Will Platin

If you have any knowledge of internet marketing or website hosting, you know its difficult to come across a cheap search engine optimization company. I have got quotes in upwards of $ 1,700 for web site SEO! These companies tell you they’ll get you first page rankings in search results and a greater Page Rank(PR) in just a no time. I equate the paid search engine optimization market with the auto mechanic market. When something happens to your car, you bring it to the mechanic, he tells you about how long and how much work it took to get the job done so he can constitute the cost. Once you become knowledgeable of car maintenance and how to repair cars, you learn the job was a lot easier then the mechanic made it out to be. I feel the same about web site SEO but it definitely is a lot more time consuming and your patience is key for accomplishing this.

Cheap Search Engine Optimization is simple:

I’ve have a couple of sites where I haven’t spent a penny on search engine optimization. I was broke and necessity is the mother of all invention. Those sites didn’t perform as well as the ones I spent a little money, which made me focus on cheap search engine optimization. There are basic things you can do to get your site noticed by search engine robots but now its time to get into the dirty work of it.

Page Rank is your guiding factor

Google’s Page Rank has become the main indicating factor of how well a site is optimized for search engines. Although it does not necessarily reflect how well your site is composed, if Google gives you a high PR rank, then you’ve made Google happy, which is what you want to do. It normally takes a properly developed site around 6 months to get a page rank of 2/10 (2 out of 10). So, my site began in August, 2009, if I don’t have at least a ranking of 2 by February 2010, it’s obvious that I don’t know what I’m talking about and am not qualified to talk about SEO if I can’t even get my own site ranking well.

The reason it takes so long to develop a Page Ranking is that Google wants to make sure your site is going to last. If they instantly gave a strong Page Rank to a new, month old site, any one could just create a site, leave it be and establish dominance in that niche.

Keep your content fresh

If you learn only one thing from this article, it is keep your content updated and fresh! Search engines love ORIGINAL content. This whole article spin fascination is black hat web site SEO to me. The way technology goes, I’m sure they will soon figure a fool proof way to determine the uniqueness of the content. I truly enjoy talking about the money making possibilities that are out there and this allows me to always write interesting and educational articles which will hopefully help you in your quest to make money one day. Also, keep your articles related to your keywords, the robots are capable of relating to your keywords and tie it into your whole page to get not only a micro view of your article but an overview of your site.

Article Submission Software

Brad Callen’s Article Submitter Software allows you to create an article and submit it to hundreds of ranked sites. I started off using the free version and was soon able to have enough to upgrade to the paid version, the difference is great! Also use the two most popular article submission sites, and These article sites allow you to place your deep link either within your article or in a resource box. Since these sites are crawled more often than your new site, the search engines will crawl your article and notice your link in the article and give it some link strength.

Back Links and one way linking

The websites that you posted your article to with a link on your page are usually high ranking (4 or better) sites. Google has a Page Ranking formula they follow which focuses a lot on back links. A back link is simply a “reference” to your site. One of the easiest ways of getting back links is by being part of blogs and forums related to my keywords. If a page with a high Page Rank puts a link on their site that points to your page (one-way linking), that gives your link a boost, because it came from a well established and trustworthy site. If you’re consistently getting links from de-indexed sites or 0 PR sites, chances are you’re not going to be helping your site and could be hurting your rankings. So make sure, if you’re exchanging links, that they come from a strong and reputable site.

Once you have an established site, you will soon notice owners from other sites will ask for you to be part of their site. Either by writing an article or sharing your opinion, etc., in return for this favor you can ask for a one way link to your site. If you would rather ask to be compensated monetarily instead of having a link, you can try, but my opinion is, in the long run you’ll make more money by having links. So when you go to Google or Yahoo and type link:your domain, you will soon have a large list of results for pages pointing links at your site.

Is this cheap search engine optimization cheap enough for your liking?

Once you get a strong understanding of this, it will all get a lot easier. The first time around it is an annoying task and will take a little while to achieve results, but will pay off in the end. As I originally said, we want to make your web site SEO seem as natural as possible to prevent any red flags from the search engines. Most of the time, using cheap search engine optimization actually helps you achieve that natural view. The reason behind this is since you are going at your own pace to handle these things and not having either a team of people forcing your links all around the internet, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded label of being a spam site. Instead, with the natural and cheap search engine optimization method you are proving your importance.

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The author’s website Quick Cash School is dedicated to helping you make money online.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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