Explanation of Googles Top Ranking Factors

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Ranking factors
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Explanation of Googles Top Ranking Factors

Article by Tom Greaves

In order to use SEO effectively you will first need to understand Googles ranking factors and how each one effects the position of your site in the Google search results. As a search engine Google is the only one you need target and this is simply because it receives 70 percent of all search traffic. There are various techniques used to rank well on Google but the top five ranking factors are all you really need to worry about.

Anchor text is the text used to create a link, anchoring your links with the target keyword is going to have a major effect on where you rank for that given keyword. In some niches its a simple game of getting the most inbound anchor texts, the site that does this wins. There are a few things you need to be aware of when optimising your anchor text. Firstly you cannot go out and anchor all your links with the same keyword, doing this will no doubt cause a Google penalty. Secondly the most effective way to anchor texts is to use multiple variations of your chosen keyword, this looks more natural and will create long term results. You should also stay away from anchoring your links with keywords such as click here or see more, this holds no value and s a waste of a link.

Title tags are the other big ranking factor and how your keywords are used within them. Most people forget about proximity when writing their title tags, the closer your keyword is to the beginning of the title the higher your site will rank for the chosen keyword.

Domain authority is a pretty new idea and is based around the theory that Google now sees your domain in its entirety rather than as individual pages. The amount of trustworthy and high value domains that link back to your domain will increase your domain authority and enable your individual pages top rank better.

Yes you need to have a lot of links to rank well on Google but there is no escaping the fact that raw link popularity is only going to increase your chances of ranking higher. You should aim to build as many links as possible from as many different domains as possible, this is the formula Google is looking for when deciding who ranks where. Using the above factors will help you increase your Google position and help drive lots of organic traffic to your site.

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Consulting Cumbria Ltd www.consultingcumbria.co.uk has been working hard to find the best advice possible for our clients. One of the main sources of wisdom about local search marketing is David Mihm’s annual roundup of responses from some of the web’s most experienced “localists”. This year he has produced a digest of around 80 different factors that can positively or negatively impact how visible you are to your local prospects. I am in the process of chewing through this and distilling the Top Ten Local Search Ranking Factors that Carlisle, Cumbrian, Borders and UK business owners need to apply themselves to and this will shortly be available to email subscribers back on the home website.

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