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How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly
How To SEO

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Search Engine Optimization can be tricky, but if you know a few things it can be a piece of cake. Read the full post:
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‘On Air’ Episode 9 Summary
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The begining of the scene is at the Taroko National Park where Seo, Lee, Oh and Jang met. It was the last location for Oh in the tourist promotion’s production. Seo and Lee were as usual on a recee location. Jang was surprised to see Seo and Lee, Lee is surprise then embarrass that Oh is donning the cap he was wearing that day. Seo knows that the cap was Lee’s. Oh is her usually haughty self paraded with the cap. Jang broke the conflicts of stares by suggesting an after meal drinks together. Upon returning to the hotel, the Tourism personnel suggested that they have a SPA before dinner. All hesitate in agreeing to go. Jang comment he was ticklish

At the SPA, Seo and Oh exchanged another round of verbal attack with each other at the expense of Lee, who was a little embarrassed to be in a SPA, as it is his first visit to such premise. Lee and Jang had massage, Lee looked like he was being torture with the massage, while Jang is so ticklish and wanted the masseur to press harder, commented where the ladies were, and was afraid they would end up fist fighting.

On the other room. Seo and Oh having their argument. Seo commented being an artiste is great that they can have such fringe benefits. Seo and Oh had a ladies chat asking each other why they wanted to be in their current profession. Oh replied she was lonely that why she became an artiste. "Because my mother gave birth to a beauty….." Seo on other was taken in by Oh somewhat heart talk, told Seo that because she is always talking nonsense and have no sense of reality, that is why she is the writer.

Next morning. Jang and Oh went jogging, breakfast with Lee and Seo. Seo gets a call from PD Yun that Chui Hyun Woo was the main lead for another project. Due to their main story featured two women as the main which would make the main lead not having much screen time. Seo commented that someone was rocking the boat.

CEO Jin was instigating behind the scene with Kim – Chui Hyun Woo’s agent . Then a room of reporters asking Oh why Chui Hyun Woo turn down the role as the main lead. Jang has his suspicion on the matter. Oh tactfully said she have had a relation with Chui once.

Lee went back to the studio and got bashing from his studio chief. Lee had to do some damage control on his own drama schedule.

Chui Hyun Woo’s agent Kim had turn tables on Jin by not in participating in his racket. Jang went to Kim to give a few comments on the matter.

Oh arrange a meeting with Chui. In their meeting Oh mentioned the scenario of his refusal was out of revenge. She laid the reason behind it. First, the rejection of the sharing the award, because she refused to have the same billing with him. Second, he refuse to work with her due to her star appeal is greater than his. Third, she refused his advances.

She answer him that First, she apologise, 2nd he should look at the script. 3rd, he is not even a man. His kisses sucks. The lead actress for the another project is Ha Ji Won, she commented that she hopes he not bandwagoning on her success. On leaving, Oh recalls the post-mortem of her own success in the business with the comments made by Seo and Jang on her span of longevity in the business and to meet someone from her past.

As the table are turned on CEO Jin, he tried to salvage by introducing his company newcomer. But Seo’s agent (that fat lady) bartered that he had no longer the say in the casting anymore and will to leave it to Seo and Lee to make the decision. His investment is only obligated to this point.

Casting for A class male lead who currently have nothing scheduled for the next 2 weeks, there was no such person in sight. PD suggest if they can use a newcomer for the role rather that some average artiste. Seo commented that the main lead had to be handsome, as the viewers are all ajummas and ajumma hated Oh’s looks, so they required a handsome main lead to charade it. Lee and Seo had some petty quarrels which left Lee on the losing end when Seo said he had no sense of reality in the matter. Lee told her why her drama needs to depend on A class leads, which means she have no confident of her writings

Lee called Jang for a meeting, Jang was trying to look for A class actor. Jang was trying to persuade Lee Seo Jin but Lee Seo Jin says as he had other plans in mind.

Leo Seo Jin: What to do? After this drama, I want to do something else.
Jang Gi Joo: What? Something? Who is the writer & PD?
Lee Seo Jin: Don’t know. I just know that I am the male lead. Hard to say that the drama will be a
melodrama romantic or a die hard bloody action packed drama.
Jang Gi Joo: What so you mean? Are you…..doing something strange?
Lee Seo Jin: It isn’t something strange? I met someone I love and I want to marry her
Jang Gi Joo: Marry? who?
Lee Seo Jin laughed. Jang realised the implications.
Jang Gi Joo: Marry? You are getting married?
Lee Seo Jin: I wish to think so, but don’t know if she (friend) wants to
Jang Gi Joo: How can you say you don’t know. Congratulations. You are making me envy. It is not a
romantic drama, but a mystery thriller, isn’t it?
Lee Seo Jin: I have spent a lot of effort on it

Jang’s phone rang

Jang met Lee and Seo for coffee and cakes. Jang was the one doing the eating while Lee and Seo are having a cold war. Seo asked Jang to help, and Jang agreed with Lee to use a newcomer, as the leads are the two sisters and main male leads to not want to do cameos. Seo ran on a list of male actors asked for Kim Min Joon, but Jang he went to Japan to do a drama. Lee Seo Jin. He is going to end his drama soon. The male lead is an international lawyer that has English dialogues. Jang told that he just met Lee Seo Jin. Jang said because of someone, he is going to take absent of leave for a while. Jang commented that to be able to be on par with Oh, requires a certain status, but currently there is none. Lee and Seo were out of options. Seo left in dejection while Lee invited Jang for a drink.

Jang took him to the restaurant that Seo’s mother runs. Seo’s mother was friendly with Jang, and Lee asked about it. Jang told him the owner was Seo’s mother

Seo rang Oh to come out to discuss on the matter of the newcomer, and ended up being a shopping partner for Oh. Seo wanted to know what Oh thought of the matter. Oh mentioned that their weapon as Oh will not work if the newcomer came on board. At least both ladies are now in agreement terms. Phone rang and it was from her mother’s restaurant. It was Jang who called from the restaurant.

Lee was so drunk even before the sun had set, turned around and calls ‘Seo Writer Ooni’. Men usually addressed older sister as Noona. Seo asked how much Lee drank. Jang said it was only half a bottle. Seo replied Lee was so useless, Lee agreed. Lee poured his grief that because of this script, he went to get the runaway writer back, begging his studio chief everyday. Jang told that Lee had been like this for an hour. Seo asked Jang to piggyback him back to the office.

Jang saw how Seo made the effort to tuck the drunk Lee to bed. Jang looked slightly envious at the sight. Seo asked him why Jang was still here. Jang said that Lee was here. Seo says that Lee had been staying here all this while. Jang presented two set of coffee cup and plates. Lee got a call and left angrily. The filming crew now have other schedules. It looked like Lee’s filming crew was falling apart and he got a big reprimanding from the other PD. Meanwhile Seo was worried for Lee who left in such a haste

The next day. Oh entered her walking clothes closet that looked more like a boutique and saw Lee’s cap. She recalled her Taiwan escapade with Lee. She refused to go for her appointments and ended up sitting in a children playground, only to have a group of children staring at her in a territorial dispute. She told the kids she wouldn’t sign anything however the kids said this.

Kid: Ajumma, you are sitting on our swing
Oh: Ajumma!!!
Oh took her sun shades off
Oh: Do you know who I am?
Kid: We don’t recognise you at all, and our mother asked us not to talk to strangers

Oh realised the kids aged group was around 7 years old. She promised a signed FT Island autograph if they answer her questions.

Oh asked the girl if they were to meet her elder sister how would she have felt. The kid told her she didn’t have one. Oh says what if she was her elder sister. The other kids then said her father must had an affair somewhere to produce an elder sister as if the situation was for real.

Oh went nowhere with the kids. She went for an appointment on how to make soap but she was space out.

Her English tutor rang to say that he was to finish up the English lesson as he is leaving for somewhere. She went to his place, and the house was practically empty. He must have been one of the Korean adoptee who got adopted in the States. There are plenty of these cases especially during the 60s & 70s when Korea have just recovered from the war and the country was in ruins, in the midst of the Cold war, economics didn’t strive, and many families had to make rational decision to have their children adopted for a better life. Until this present day adoptees will still try to located their birth parents if they could. It is common, the birth parents have some regrets on why they let them go. The English teacher came to Korea to look at the birth country of his mother. He told Oh that he like a stranger and all of them can be like Daniel Henny. Her teacher gave her his two cents worth of advice that Oh canning her feelings up inside was very bad for her.

Oh recalled when she begged for Jang’s help to make her an actress. For that chance, she will do anything he asked. Jang replied anything. He took her out and call for a suite with champagne and wine to be prepared. She was shocked to think of the worst scenario.

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